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welcome to cerise ranch

2019 HOA Board Summer Update

Hello Fellow Cerise Ranchers,

A lengthy but important letter from Peter and the rest of your Cerise Ranch HOA Board.

Time to breakout the flip-flops and shorts, Spring has finally sprung!!! We hope everyone had a great and active winter, spending many days on the slopes or at least enjoying all the snow in some fashion! May all in your lives be going well.

Here is an update of what your HOA Board is working on in order to keep things at Cerise Ranch running as smoothly as possible. A posting of your current Board Member contacts can be found on our website and inside the Clubhouse on the bulletin board....Currently your 5 member board consists of Peter Dolan (President), Greg DeRosa (Treasurer) John Kinney (Secretary), Katie Erickson, & Mike Hoffman. We are very happy to have Mike and Katie recently join us!!!

1. Pool will be open for use on Memorial Day. Ajax Pool and Spa will once again be opening and maintaining our pool, so we can expect smooth and improved sailing this season. Please alert any board member or Aaron at Integrated Mountain Management (970 945-7653) with any issues and we will call Ajax....

2. Tom, of Green Acres Landscaping has already begun our spring landscaping cleanup and will be getting flowers in the flower boxes at Clubhouse by the opening weekend. We will have all windows cleaned before then. He will also be adding more flowers to both roundabouts to spruce them up this season as well as replacing some deteriorating wooden signpost at the entrance.... Dead fallen trees at the roundabout off the east end of Larkspur Drive are being removed as well as a few others off bike path. A few Russian Olive tress along Blue Creek will also be removed as they are invasive.... All Blue Spruces on all common areas i.e., at Clubhouse, have been treated for the White Pine Weevil bore as done annually.

3. Entry signs and all wooden bridges will be re-stained as we do every spring.... Speaking of entry signs, I hope everyone is enjoying the new brighter and cleaner LED lights that Mike Hoffman put in over the two entry signs. They really highlight the entrance. Thanks Mike!!!! We are getting bids to replace the old lights on western spruce tree at entry. So far we received one for $1800. Work requires the use of a bucket truck and getting stabbed by some very sharp evergreen needles!!!! Not many people interested in doing it at a reasonable price....

4. It looks like Gould Construction may have lots of dirt for the berm project this summer as they are working on the new City Market project in Carbondale. We will keep everyone posted as we learn more. Eco Right Solutions will be spraying the berm for weeds and other areas of Cerise Ranch over the season.

cerise vegetation control

5. Please control all thistle on your property as is your responsibility. Vacant lots will be required to remove heavy vegetation (see attached photo) at the suggestion of the Carbondale Fire Dept. before June 1st or the HOA will remove it for you at owners expense. This vegetation is deemed to be more fuel for potential fire between houses and needs to be controlled. Any thistle not removed by June 1st or that re-merges will also be removed at owners expense. We also require these empty lots to be mowed or grass otherwise knocked down by June 1st to help reduce fire hazard between houses. If not done by June1st, HOA will have it done at owners expense. Empty lots the fire department identified, needing attention are: 14,16,20,22,50,and 55.

6. Spring road "crack sealing" has been done and Integrated Mountain Management will be re-painting the yellow caution stripes on all our speed bumps.... We are also soliciting multiple bids for the cost of future resurfacing of our roads. Be aware that since our roads are not "public" we are responsible for paying for their resurfacing. Anticipation of this very large future expense is the prime reason the current board and past boards have put an emphasis of building up our bank accounts.

7. Tom, of Green Acres Landscaping, has had much success with the three new pond aerators he installed last fall. The pond never completely froze over this winter, allowing it to off-gas more consistently over the winter, vastly reducing the nasty odor that comes with decomposing organic matter. He has already applied the first seasonal round of natural bacteria treatments to the pond which consists of two fish friendly products that reduce sludge buildup, improves water quality, reduces pond odors, and excess nutrients.... There will be continuous application of the "Pond Boost" and "Muck Assault" bacteria all summer and into the Fall. Descriptions of these products can be found inside Clubhouse on Bulletin Board.... Tom has worked hard to find us a solution to this issue! Thanks Tom!

Cerise ditch maintenance

8. We are doing extensive ditch maintenance and repair work on the "Harris and Reed" ditch, which is the ditch that runs on the south side of the houses on Larkspur and Sunflower Loop. After 30 plus years we had to replace the head gate that feeds our water into our ditch, where it spurs off Blue Creek, running through Dakota Meadows to our east and into Cerise Ranch. The pipe that the head gate was attached to had completely rusted out and dissolved. Lucas Lizotte of Timberline Engineering is currently replacing the old 20 foot long by 3 foot wide pipe (see attached photo) and is also digging out narrow or damaged sections of the ditch, along its entire length, so we can assure consistent and proper water delivery to all, especially our members at the far western tail end of the ditch. The ditch is expected to be loaded the first or second week of May. We will keep everyone informed as to when you can pull water from ditch. We always like to run a few days of water to purge the ditch, before we start pulling off it....We also are cleaning out the open section of the "Highline Ditch", which serves the houses on the north side of Larkspur Drive and have had that ditches pump reinstalled at the Blue Creek vault on Blue Stem Court.... We will be monitoring the flow of the water over the summer with some ditch walkers....

9. Matt Nieslantic,of the famed local ranching family out of Carbondale, will be haying our fields this summer. Mark Favro who did it the past few years could not commit to it this season. Thanks to Mark for doing it the past two years. We are going to shut the ditch down five days previous to his haying the fields, so we can dry them up and give Matt access to as much of the grass as he can get to. Heavy hay-balers and wet ground do not go well together as we have seen from sunken tractors in the past....

10. We may have as many as 4 homes beginning construction over the summer, possibly on Lots 6, 50, 40, and 26, so please be aware and drive accordingly, expecting some more commercial vehicle activity in the Ranch. We also have some new owners, with Lot 21slated to close in May.... Please make sure to get permission from the DRB (Design Review Board) before starting any projects on your property as required in our Covenants, which can be found on our website at<>. Its a small community, and its very obvious when construction and other activities take place on ones property....

11. We will be hosting a "Getting to Know You" event/cookout at the Pool/Clubhouse this summer, so we can all introduce ourselves to our new neighbors. The more neighbors know each other, generally the smoother things run in the neighborhood. Please introduce yourselves to each other when out walking, jogging or at the pool! Lets keep Cerise Ranch a friendly and pleasant place to live.

12. Please take care to clean up and respect the Clubhouse and Pool area. Kimberly Welsh does a great job of overseeing and maintaining this facility, but she is not anyone's maid!!!! Thank you Kimberly! Pack it in, pack it out and leave no trace.

If you witness any vandalism, report it to the Board or Aaron ASAP. If people are in the facility that you don't think belong there, if comfortable, ask them who they are and if they live in Cerise Ranch or just call a board member (numbers are inside on bulletin board). If its really serious call the police. We have zero tolerance for pool poachers and all should be reminded that we have 24/7 camera surveillance in clubhouse and pool area....Take down license plate numbers....

12. Wildlife is awake. We have it all. Lions,Tigers, and Bears Oh My! Actually no Tigers, just mountain lions, bears, bobcats, foxes.... Live with full awareness that these creatures roam our Ranch. No garbage out until the day of garbage pickup. Lids on all garbage cans, to keep the garage in and the birds out!!!! Board Member John Kinney has already had contact with the Co. Div. of Wildlife in regards to our active Yogi Bear, and if he becomes a continued nuisance, they will help us deal with him. We can all help Yogi, by being bear smart and not leaving temptations out for him.... Mountain Lions don't usually bother us, but roaming, unattended dogs are at risk of a very unhappy ending if they cross a mother and her kittens.... You get the point!

Make sure to check the "Community Bulletin Board" located above mailboxes, as we will be actively posting info. here that is important to all.

Anyone who would like to share their E-mail or phone number so we can put it on a public Cerise Ranch directory, please send your info to our Property Management contact at Integrated, Aaron Walker, at:<>, and he will compile a directory to be shared with full Cerise Ranch HOA membership.

HOA's are not legally allowed to share owners contact info unless owners grant specific permission to do so and volunteer the info. to the HOA....

Always feel free to contact any Board Member or Aaron Walker at Integrated (970 945-7653 ext. 217) with and questions or concerns.

All the best!

Peter, Greg, John, Katie & Mike